Starting a Preschool Garden

July 31, 2017

Have you ever had any of these problems with your preschooler? 

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4 Money-Saving Principles for Parents of Preschoolers

July 24, 2017

I recently talked with a friend who was into investing. She was somewhere in the midst of discussing different stock valuation theories when I finally realized I was in over my head. 

The truth is most of us don't have the time or interest to become expert traders. But we do need to be responsible enough to provide for our families. 

Every few months, we evaluate how well we are using our monies. That process has helped identify four simple principles. If we follow these basic principles, we're usually in a pretty good spot financially.1

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Is My Child Ready for Preschool?

July 17, 2017

Judging whether or not your child is ready for preschool is difficult. It seems so subjective. And there's no magic answer or one-size-fits-all approach. So how do you determine the answer to this important question? 

I'm going to suggest a three-part plan.

  1. Evaluate
  2. Investigate
  3. Discuss

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Helping Your Preschooler Learn Patience

July 13, 2017

Waiting isn't fun for anyone. I used to think I was good at waiting. Then I entered the grocery store, the DMV, went to a restaurant, an amusement park, and drove my car around town. Like I said, waiting isn't fun for anyone.

If patience doesn't come naturally to adults, it certainly doesn't come naturally to preschoolers. Think of just some of the factors working against your child:

  • Our culture of instant gratification
  • Their own short attention spans
  • Natural human selfishness
  • Electronic devices

Since patience doesn't come naturally to any of us, it must be learned through consistent instruction. Here are four ways to help your preschooler learn how to wait.

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3 Books That Help Explain the Bible to Preschoolers

July 6, 2017

They say you don't know something until you can explain it to a child. Have you ever tried to summarize the Bible for a preschooler?

It's some three times longer than Moby Dick, 35% longer than Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, and about 24,000 more words than War and Peace. No wonder it's difficult to accurately relate the story of Scripture to your preschooler! 

Christians have taken different approaches over the years to teaching the Bible to children. It's hard to improve upon catechisms as a way to teach doctrine. They also help children engage mentally with the truths of Scripture. They don't however, always help children understand the story line of Scripture.

More often than not as of late, Christians have resorted to just rehearsing individual biblical stories. While this approach does help kids engage with the events of Scripture, it doesn't really portray a full-orbed understanding of the Bible. It also very quickly leads to mere moralism.

So how do you teach the Bible to a preschooler? First, don't despair! You're not alone. Second, pick up one of these great resources. You can continue to rehearse biblical stories and definitely continue to catechize your children. But these resources will help provide a basic framework, a basic story arc to your children so they will be able to position the truths they learn within God's overall plan.1 

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The Skillful Art of Responding to Preschool Tantrums

July 3, 2017

I knew my parents couldn't do anything, so I sat down in the middle of the store and started to scream. This sent them into a full scurry and ended in me getting the toy I wanted in the first place. I'm sure I'm not the only one to use this strategy as a child. 

Children through tantrums for a variety of reasons:

  • to express frustration
  • to demand attention
  • to get a toy or other object
  • to escape or delay some undesirable activity or consequence

A tantrum gives a preschooler a very real sense of control. It gives them an advantage; it gives them leverage. How can we as parents learn to respond to those tantrums in a helpful way?

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