Fun Activities With Items From Your Pantry

by Kylee Truman on October 23, 2017

Activities with Items from your Pantry.jpgI recently saw a TV episode from a 1960's show where parents were bemoaning the expense of a child's birthday party. At the time, they were bemoaning $3 or $4 dollars for a theme park visit. 

Although the dollar amounts have changed, the concern has not. It's easy to feel like having fun with your child or giving your preschooler a fun activity with his or her friends requires spending a ton of money.

But there are so many fun activities you can do with every-day items that cost almost nothing. The best part? You can do these fun activities with items you probably already own. 

Egg in bottle 

Here's a fun one that takes almost no resources! All you need is a hard-boiled egg, a bottle, and some hot water. 



Fireworks in a Jar

This fun experiment not only looks cool, it also gives you an opportunity to teach your preschooler that oil and water don't mix. As the food coloring and oil mixure sits above the water, it will slowly drop into the water, creating a fun firework effect. 


Homemade paint

There are several fun ways to create homemade paint from items you may have around your house or in your pantry. 

  1. Flour/salt paint: mix one part flour with one part salt before adding enough water to create a paint texture; add food coloring and start painting! 
  2. Spice paint: mix spices (spices like paprika, cumin, and coriander work well.) with school glue to make some great smelling paint! 
  3. Pudding paint: mix food coloring with vanilla pudding to make edible paint (Bonus: That's right! This one you can eat when you're done!)Developing the Imagination of Your Preschooler.png

Homemade jewelry

Grab some yarn, dental floss, or any other kind of string. Now, look in your pantry for any bead-like cereals (e.g., Fruit Loops or Cheerios), pasta (Penne or macaroni work well), or any other sort of food with holes in it. Alternatively, you can use a needle to make a hole in soft foods like marshmellows. If you use edible items, you can also eat your creation! 

Homemade slime

Some glue, air freshener, and paint can make really cool homemade slime!  


Cloud dough

This dough feels like playdough, but looks like flour. It's quite an odd experience, but it's a ton of fun! And it's really easy to make. Just take 8 parts flour to one part baby oil. Add food coloring to color your cloud and enjoy!

Little engineers

Grab some gummy candies and toothpicks and challenge your children to create fun engineering structures. Try to build something recognizable like the Eiffle Tower or more generic things like a box or pyramid.

Try some of these fun activities or comment with your own below! 

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