How Will Preschool Help My Child Spiritually?

by Abby Woodhouse on August 10, 2017

How Will Preschool Help My Child Spiritually?.jpgEphesians 6:4 is a guiding principle for any parent. It says to "bring [your children] up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord." It's right and natural, then, that the spiritual health of your preschooler should strongly influence every decision you make for your child. 

Let's say your child only attends 4 hours of preschool per day for 5 days a week. That's 20 hours a week. Now let's assume that in a year there are 40 weeks of preschool. If you're doing the math yourself, that means that sending your child to preschool for one year means entrusting other people with 800 hours of your preschooler's life in a single year. Talk about influence! 

So will preschool help your child spiritually? If so, how so? 

A Starting Point

Although God can certainly use every circumstance to help us spiritually, it's important to consider a Christian preschool as the first step in this spiritual process. 

Those early ages are so crucial developmentally, and it's important to surround your child with a consistent worldview. Christian schools should not just be run by Christians; they should communicate a Christian perspective of the world, a perspective the corresponds with the reality of God's Word.

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Lessons to Teach

There's one danger that's particularly appealing within a Christian school environment. It's really easy to assume that your child doesn't need your spiritual influence. I mean, they're getting that at school, right?

It's crucial, however, that you take an active role in your child's spiritual life. A school should not and cannot fulfill the role of a Christian parent. These parent-given lessons can often play off of a Christian preschool's influence. So can preschool be helpful for your child spiritually? If you continue to parent your preschooler through it. 

1. Link Church Lessons to School

Use the lessons your child uses in both church and school to multiply their efforts. If they learn about God's love for them at church, help them apply that at school. "If God loves you, how do you think he thinks about your friends at school?" or "Since God loves you, how should you treat others at school?"

2. Communicate with the Staff

If your child isn't a Christian, share that with the staff. Encourage them to pray with you for your child and to talk with your child about the gospel when they are able. If your child is a Christian, make sure his or her teacher knows the spiritual lessons you're trying to instill at home. 

3. Use Your Child's Circumstances

As your child attends preschool, he or she will inevitably face hard situations: a relationship gone sorrow, the pains of being mocked, etc. Take some time daily to debrief and help him/her to respond biblically. Use your car time well as it often affords you uninterrupted time when your child is ready to talk—especially in the Charlotte traffic! 

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