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Are you considering a preschool in the metro Charlotte area for your child? 

This guide includes valuable questions to ask when looking for a preschool and tips on assessing your child's needs as it relates to your family's values.BBP_ebook_cover-320x412.png

In this helpful parent guide, you will learn 7 things to consider as you search for the right preschool for your child.

Valuable Tips Include:

  • Selecting a preschool based on values and qualifications of staff
  • What to look for when visiting the facilities
  • Questions to ask regarding program and activities for students
  • Importance of convenient location and hours

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A Preschool That Is A Blessing

Bible Baptist Preschool was recommended by a family at my church. My wife and I find the care to be exceptional. Most importantly, there is Christian based teachings in their curriculum. I love it when my daughter is on the car ride home and I hear her praising the Lord with a new song she learned in class. Also, the teachers are wonderful and are always attentive. We find the program to be a true blessing.

- Luis Ramirez, BBP Parent